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Class Reflecion September 15th
September 16, 2009, 2:40 am
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Wow class tonight had people from all around the world, it was cool! I got a chance to add some tools and reading to my delicious account, I also added some sites that I wanted to check out and learn more about. I want to check out wordle and Flicker. I also want to try Google forms at work. Tonight Alec touched on how education could be better and I would have to agree, there is so many different opportunities for students to learn, but we have to move away from traditional teaching and keep on learning. We have to keep sharing our knowledge with others. With the power of Twitter and global networking we can do this, just like tonight in our class! We have some many people all around the world with so many different talents, abilities and knowledge that we can learn so much from one another. My goal this class is to try to talk to differnt people and see what they are doing. I want to learn more technical skills to better myself and my teaching. I can then help pass on my new knowledge to my co-workers and students. For my final project I want to create a film unit and apply it the Smartboard. I would like to talk to fellow classmates about information they have and collaborate information.


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Google forms Rocks! Do give it a try.

Comment by Michelle Dyer

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