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October 6, 2009, 12:07 am
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“The Network” By Wendy Drexler

I just finished The Network by Wendy Drexler, and if you haven’t watched it ……PLEASE DO! It is a quick and easy little video that gives a great understanding to what we can do as educators. It also a great example to what we are doing in class right now.

The concept of the network learner is to bring CONNECTIVISTSM – so that the student can take control of his or her own learning. They are given the topic of what is to learn but can find there own networks that relate to them and where they would like to gain further knowledge. This is so great and can be done in any classroom. It can transform the learning in schools. I think that you have to trust in your students and that they are capable of doing this! The educator needs to have a background knowledge in blogs, social networks. If they don’t already just start participating in some and they will get the hand of it. This is a great way for students to gain knowledge from the internet and the library. They also get  a chance to look at other research into what other people have already done, by looking at others blogs. They get  a chance to post their new knowledge and ask questions. They then can reflect all their new knowledge on their own blog. There are so many benefits to this network learning. There is still a teacher student relationship, cause a teacher needs help the student build these networks, help the student organize their thoughts and information. The teacher is where the students starts on their path and is there the whole way helping the student make more connections. The one down fall I see is the network blocking websites, our system blocks but if you find one that is great for a topic and can help the students the blocking can be lifted.

1. Find more information

2. Find more people interested a certain topic

3. As there social networks grow they can find experts on certain topics, this can lead to a live webcast in the classroom. Giving even more students more insight to a topic and bring an expert to the classroom. No flight costs or bus costs!

4. Many connections on so many different levels of learning.

5. Student is in control of their learning making it more beneficial to the students


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