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October 13th Digital Stories
October 14, 2009, 2:40 am
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Tonight we talked about digital story telling and our presenter was not able to make it  Alan Levin and his blog.

Digital Story telling, we took a look at some very powerful stories, here a few of them.

The Story of a Sign – amazing story telling with many different effects (type of shots, sound, music, POV, lighting)

Last Day Dream – very powerful with music that symbolizes a heart beat

Here a few examples of how the story can be changed. We are looking at how music and sound can change the theme of a story.

The Shining Recut – This is suppose to be a scary movie, but changing the music , the editing can make it seem not so scary and dark

Scary Mary – adding text, sound and music with a few editing techniques can make this movie classic a Horror.

Digital Story telling – there are so many different ways we as educators can give students a chance to express themselves. Here is a way to get started with a  movie outline and 1 minute to tell the story.

Forrest Gump – One minute – one shot- lot’s of work, storyboard, costumes, props, adding sound effect and music.

Stop Motion Animation: take a look at these stories done.

Neighbors – 1952 by Norman McLaren – the first stop motion created and inspired so many others.

Tony vs. Paul – some work done by stop motion and good editing

The Pen Story – this is a very meaningful way of expressing digital storytelling by using pictures, stop motion and a lot of planning.

For more inspirational and digital stories take a look here.

I also have included some of the classmates favourite digital stories: Please take a look and let me know which one you like and why? What kind of activities would you do with students? Have you done any yet?

I have done some different digital story telling with my students and will post some of the later. I wish that I could upload them right to my blog….

Fee Hugs – One of my favourites

Lost Generation

Sasquatch Dancing Man

7:35 in the morning

Michael Jordan “Failure”


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Thank you so much for your list of links. I took notes, but dreaded the thought of compiling the links. Thanks! An excellent example of the benefits of a connected learning environment and a personal learning network.

Comment by John Strange

I love the one minute video on Forrest Gump-can see lots of possibilities for student projects here! Thanks.

Comment by delaneykirk

So how do you think you would use any of these video’s in the classroom? What kind of lesson would you create?

Comment by perrey

Perhaps have students do one minute video of business book read, of movie showing leadership or diversity, act out leadership theory…just thinking out loud for my classes.

Even easier I think for history or lit classes.

Comment by Delaney Kirk

wow, sounds pretty cool. Showing leadership!

Comment by Amy

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