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History of Story Telling
October 15, 2009, 2:30 am
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Wow! Look at the world now through digital story telling and it is amazing what one can do. You start with word of mouth….then through the years it leads to words written on a page….then you get pictures with words….then you get storybooks…movies….and now you can express words in any form you can. The more creativity there is the more people can relate and try new things.

1. First was blue pen – I really do need some help with this one…I couldn’t figure it out, but what I think it is…is a live journal you create on line to the words. Is it kind of like those books where you could pick your own adventure? I will play a little more with that one. The more I learn the better I can reflect on how to use in the classroom

2. The Pen Story – everyone knows that pictures are so meaningful to people. In a way it is stay connected to the future. So every picture tells a story! This is amazing video. I would love to create this for myself and also think that students would like to recreate their stories from their childhood. It reminds me of a Where I am Poem. So the question is how do you do this with students? Where do you start? Do you start by introducing the poem, they create the words, then move to pictures?

3. Phrasr – Here is my try on Love using digital story telling. This is a create way to reflect your own words through visual pictures. This would be another great digital story aid with poems and students finding the right picture to express themselves.

4. One Million Monkeys –  Excellent! I see this for high school students but could be used as a class project together for elementary. This site allows for you to choose different section to make your story that have already been written. (Again it’s like those choose your own adventure books). But you can actually change the story and add your own parts, comment on others that have written, there is a rating for PG or R. There is a section (of corse this is once you create your own account), to collaborative writing project. This is great for  students or anyone who likes to write to take a look at something a little different and get some help on starting the writing process.

5. The Time Machine Ok now for real…this one really is choose your own adventure book…but in a movie format! (I really hope that someone read those books when they are younger, or I’m going to sound crazy), This is a different way of telling a story and it gives the audience a chance to pick what they want to see happen.

6. We Feel Fine – Thumbs up to these creator! This must of taken some planning….great way to express feelings and see other people feelings from different ages, different place, different times and weather. So many feelings. These feelings could be great story starters that lead to something like the Time Machine.

7. twistori – cool….i think this one would be great to start letting students express their feelings, get them thinking and starting to write.

These are all great tools to use in the classroom I would love to know if anyone has used any of these in the classroom? How did it go? What did you do with them? How did you mark the work?


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