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Final Project Reflection
October 20, 2009, 9:25 pm
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Started to update my wiki yesterday with information for my final project. I was running around the site, trying to figure things out. Mainly how to change a name of a page, how to change appearance and so on. I figured out most things but the more I play the more I learn. I got a little frustrated and started to work on the Smartboard film unit. I would love some tips and people to go and edited what they can, give feedback…all that good stuff.  I did learn through a coworker how to embed YouTube files. YA!

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“…but the more I play the more I learn.” Quite appropriate given tonight’s talk. What is fun? What is a game? What is learning? How do they mix?

Comment by John Strange

when you are learning through play it is all one big game of funness 🙂

Comment by Amy

I get the same way. Unless there is someone to actually sit down to teach me how to use anything computerized it takes me a long time to learn it. However, the more I play around with things the better understanding I have of it. Sorry I cant offer you advice but I know exactly how you feel!

Comment by Celia Deschambeault

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