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October 23, 2009, 9:06 pm
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Last week guest was Slyvia Martinez, and I will apologize to everyone that I couldn’t make it. It is a very interesting topic.  I do have to say that I was not aware that games in the classroom  was such a hot topic. I do know how “hot” they are with the students, but this is video games. I’m not sure of very many “Excellent” educational games. Does anyone know of some really good sites? I would think that teaching the students in a fun way and using educational game as a time for fun would be fun for the students. When teaching and the students have free time they will always ask me “I have free time now.,..can I go on the computer and play Fun Brain it is an educational site”. Well I’m not sure if anyone has seen this site, but it does have some great games for students in math and reading. I find though the students by-pass the “educational games” and head straight for the arcade. The arcade is video games and shooting items.  I do think it is great that when students have free time they can use some educational games, but this is during their time in school. This is done after the lesson has taken place and the teacher has done the instructing.

I was reading Allison Trebles Blog and she got me thinking about teachers using educational games to teach the students. I see this happening, especially with a program called Music Ace, a software program that has been purchased for teachers to use. This program teaches the musica essentials to the students. Now it can be a great program to help teachers that don’t fully understand music theory (side note – all schools should have Arts Education specialist, another story for another day),  and want to teach to their students. The problem happens when they tell the students they are going to learn music theory and send them off the computer. There has been no instruction done with the students – for the most part where is the CREATIVE/PRODUCTIVE and the CULTURAL HISTORICAL? Once they finish they take a test to see if they know the music theory and BOOM they are done Music. There is no other teaching done in music. Now I can’t say every teacher does this, but it seems some do. Teachers need to understand that just because there is a great game that is educational and teaches the students that isn’t all they have to do.

I know that I have used some educational games in my teaching to explain a unit or lesson, most of the time we do the games as a class and stop to talk about certain issues or topics. A great site that I have been shown to me is  Against All Odds, looking at refugees and I think it would be a great site to do as a class, this way you can stop at different parts and have class discussions and talk about different things that are going on, look at different sites, blog about different topics and do different lessons with in the website.


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You may find Sylvia’s presentation interesting. Once you have watched it, I would play the Fun Brain ‘games’ again. I’m not sure she would categorize them as games! Against All Odds looks more like a game, but I was unable to play it? Thanks for the resources. Happy blogging!

Comment by Bettina Welsh

oh…I wonder why you couldn’t play? It is really great as a class learning experience. Well I don’t know that for sure cause I haven’t tried it, but I would think it would be. 🙂

Comment by Amy

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