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Sharing some readings
November 10, 2009, 2:56 am
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2398424227_7e178bc2f7Computer Technology Reading – by deanj’s

Well I have had a few sites and readings that I wanted to share with you so here goes:

Promoting Technology use in the Classroom – this quick little video just reinforces why all teachers should take this class (to learn more) and why all teachers should be teaching more technology in the classroom. We as teachers have to keep learning and keep up with this fast paced internet world, but we have to do it to help the students. We have to be the ones to teach them and encourage them, so they can create in this world.

Pope and Technology

Know you know technology is VERY important to teach when the Pope is encouraging it.  The Pope is encouraging us to use new media technology to evangelize people.  This is perfect! If there could be a calling that said technology is important and we need to share this with the students we teach….and here it is.

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity– this video is about creativity and how important the art education is, there isn’t much talk about technology but I think that it worth the watch. It is important that with anything we teach- we make sure the students have their own creative touch. That they are allowed to make mistakes, and to be wrong. This is the only way they can learn and this is how their creativity can expand. Ken Robinson is very funny and talks about how there is not one educational system that teaches dance as much as they teach Math. Both are very important to the students learning process. But why is one more important than the other? Everyone dances and everyone needs math. We think in so many different ways and when we do this it allows for use to think and see more creativity.


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Great sites and insight! thank you for sharing! I have seen the Ken Robinson video a few times now – and it is important to recognize that all of us see things in a different ways and foster creativity!

Comment by Andrea WArd

I always enjoy your blog posts! Once again I have borrowed one of the videos you have used, Promoting Technology Use in the Classroom, for my techliterate teacher blog.


One side comment. Did you take a good look at the Pope’s audience? Wow. I wonder if they understood his message?

Comment by John Strange

I know…they sure seemed very excitied! I don’t think they were even pay attention:) maybe with the use of technology they will look happier!

Comment by perrey

Thanks for the links. I recently showed the Promoting Technology Use in the Classroom at a staff meeting. I have convinced my principal to let me have a small portion of each staff meeting to promote tech use in the classroom. I am not sure if it if working, but it can’t hurt to get people thinking. I think it is so important.

Comment by sm45rt

Agreed! great idea to show at a staff meeting. 🙂

Comment by perrey

Wasn’t Robinson’s talk awesome? I watched this clip for another class and I’ve sent it out to colleagues and heard nothing but positive feedback.

Comment by bgatin

So true…I am making a revolutionary change in my teaching practices. I almost feel guilty ever time I spend 3/4 of a period presenting and talking about notes. I was chatting with a colleague the other day and he was confused as to why I asked the students to take notes. He recommended that I put my notes online for students to access and then in class simply discuss them or perform a demo/lab to emphasize the key points. I have always been under the impression that by writing notes out, students get a double dose and will learn more by doing so. I still do believe this to some extent but I am going to try an activity based approach to my Chemistry class next semester. I am excited but feel overwhelmed by the amount of marking that I create by doing so.

Comment by Jeffg

Thanks for the links. The Pope giving the nod to new media and communication is certainly a sign of the times. Good stuff.

Comment by Jay

I like how you have connected technology and creativity. I have done a bit work in Aboriginal Education and it seems as though educational technology has the opportunity to allow for creativity in disadvantaged groups. Students that weren’t able to communicate in the traditional classroom have a new opportunity to learn and develop through a new medium. In my opinion, very exciting times! Bettina

Comment by busybusinessteacher

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