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Reflection from November 10th 2009
November 16, 2009, 10:05 pm
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Social Media

Wow tonight was a very powerful discussion, there is a lot of information to think about and to pass on to our students and teachers at our schools.

One question that was posed tonight is “Should we filter content?”,

I think that there has to be a filter of information because the world-wide web is so big and contains so much information, I feel that we have to protect our younger generation until we can educate them to fully understand what is available out there. elementary students from K-4, I don’t think fully understand the offensive content that is out there. I think this is still a hard question to answer, as I don’t have all the answers, at what age to do we trust the students? Is it up to the parents to allow for full content? We as teachers need to educate the students as to what kind of media is out there, once we do this can students have full access to the internet? I know through our system we have a proxy, but at times it will block more than the teachers want. Some times there are things the students need to see. Art history is a good example, some of the art is blocked but isn’t it educational?

If we teach the students how to do proper searches, show students that there are real sites and sites that are not real, this can give them a better understanding of social media. I think we have to teach students…just like Alec taught us tonight. We should start in elementary school and have a social media class to inform the students. We as educators need to pass this information on to the teachers that don’t know. We can share information at staff meetings or do a classroom switch with other  teachers.


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