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final project Update
November 17, 2009, 1:14 am
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Well I have been slowly working away today on my Wiki again. I was linking some websites, adding information and pictures. I do get a little frusturated when I want it to look a particular way and it doesn’t seem to stay or work.  I do have a few questions if someone could help me.

1. When I use a picture from flickr – i have been typing the name of the picture and the name of the person. or I have been typing the description and linking to the site. What is protocol for using others pictures?

2. I created a page today for helpful websites: I have never created a wiki before, so if i would like others to add to the wiki can they just do so or do I have to give others permission?


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From setting the security on my own wiki, I think you can either leave the wiki completely open for others to add to or lock it so that only you can change the wiki. You could set it up like Alec has our class wiki where we have to subscribe then we can change the wiki. Hope that helped.

Comment by allisontreble

Thank you!

Comment by perrey

HI Amy… I too went the way of the wiki and spent some time tinkering the last week or so. I also wanted to use flikr photos and what I did was made it so that when you clicked it on the picture itself, it went right to the flickr page where it came from – which then gives the person’s name, title of picture, etc. I am not sure of proper protocol… I have also seen others where they have added the photogrpaher’s name and image name under the picture and hotlinked them so it went to the flickr site also as an alternative. I think as long as you have some way of recognizing the original producer somehow, you are on the right track. And with social media and how quickly rules and uses change and flex, who is to say any “rule” stays concrete for any length of time?? nature of the beast…..

I am going to have a look at your wiki right now and maybe if you have time in your busy week you could do the same for me and give me some feedback (and/or add in any links to any pages that you have some expertise in) that would be awesome.

Have fun on your trip!

Comment by tchcruiser

Hi Delise!I joined your wiki….cause it looks like so much fun. I was trying forever last night to upload a video that the students made, maybe that is why you coulnd’t get on???? I went on today and it worked…or maybe my link doesn’t work….oh my!

Comment by Amy

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