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Reflection from November 17th
November 18, 2009, 2:23 am
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Tonight we had two speakers Brian Lamb and Scott Leslie talking about Remixing Education.

Few notes from the night. (I like to keep these notes as future reference)

* Actually it was a lot going on…..I need to sit back and review all the information that was given to us. Lot’s of sites to play around with and learn. I would have to see what would work best for which classes and what grades. Has anyone used any of these  tools? I will have to read around on the  blogs and see what others reflection from the night was like.

I’m not sure what application I’m going to try and see how it works. We should split them up and try one and report back. 🙂


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I think the clip ability was my favorite. Oh, and the selective search ability. Surprised that most of the applications were new to me too! Good thing it was recorded, we can go back and take a look later. Good luck, Bettina

Comment by busybusinessteacher

I know…. I tried to click on as many links as I could and then went back and tried to save them to my delcious account, but then I forgot which ones were for what and what they did. I did however really like the stickynotes and the google search engine…but I sure ran out of time.

Comment by perrey

I tried the google custom search engine. I thought it would be useful in teaching younger kids so that I can guide their searches! I know that dilutes the information out there, but I think for young kids just learning to use the internet (think grades 2-5) it might be a good idea for me to guide their search results.

What did you end up trying out?

Comment by allisontreble

I should lie and make something up, I haven’t had time to play around! I look forward to filtering searches. Thanx for asking! Bettina

Comment by Bettina Welsh

I agree I liked the google custom search engine, and stickynotes…but i need more time in the day to play around with others.

Comment by perrey

I know exactly what you mean. I am in the process of reviewing that taping and am overwhelmed (as usual) by the amount of different applications available…I will let you know how it goes.

Comment by Celia Deschambeault

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