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November 24th Reflection
November 25, 2009, 2:31 am
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tonight’s guest Speaker was Stephen Downes.







Picture located @ icanhascheezeburger

LOLcats is the future to ED? What is a LOLcats…..I had no idea. But it is when there is a picture of a cat and combine it with some context from some kind of inspiration.  Things I learned:

– Spelling doesn’t count, classical spelling mistakes

– different languages may get the same message based on the picture

In new media there are different kinds of languages. We can understand these languages and how they work. How? Well I think you have to study all these different language and understand them….but as discussed tonight we have to “study of sign processes”….What?

We need to take time and teach students to learn the different languages. Wow….we sure need to learn a lot to keep up with these students. We have so many different sites, networking, social media and now different languages. AND keep in mind it is always changing and we will have to learn all these things all over again because it will be something different…..

Some Sites that were given:

Cartoons – xkcd

Tourist Guy 1 –


People playing chess on rollercoster



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There are many sites that my own children have shown as well as how they work. I am fascinated with the amount of knowledge that they have. In order to catch up to them I need to study the new languages and examine how they work. If my kids ages 7,10, and 12 know more than I do then thats where I must start from…Lolcats is new to me too. Ive never heard of that term until the presentation….

Comment by Celia Deschambeault

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