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Final Project
November 28, 2009, 11:17 pm
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Was working on my Final Project today. I left behind the wiki for a bit because I think that I’m almost done expect for clean up and any last-minute details. I still want to add the students video from last year that goes with the student work handout. But my computer seems to take forever and never uploads. I think that it could be because it is too big, but I’m really not sure how to change the size. Any ideas? I still would like to take off the ads and I appreciate peoples suggestions, I just can’t seem to figure it out.

Final Project – working on Smartboard aspect – Got a few things going that make learning film terms and definitions a little interesting, Thinking it might be for middle years. I added most of the links that are on my wiki but I think they are good sites. I used some of them before. I’m familiar with the Smartboard but still not sure how to make it completely interactive. I made a hide and reveal, getting the students to move around people and camera (this is for talking about camera angles and lighting positions). Overall I have learned that it is very time-consuming but also very fun. I started to play around with it and lost track of time. I got pretty familiar with things that I even go to help someone out at work. We are in the process of creating a world drumming unit with the Smartboard. So working on that is helping with this project as well. But that goes with anything you do. The more you play with something….the better you get….the more you play with someting…..the more you remember!

Started to work on my final project for my blog, I wanted to reflect creating a short video or slide show. I used the websites and things we have taken from the class to create a slideshow. Some of the sites I played around. I used imovie 09 and did some research on youtube, to find out how to work with images and slide timing. I realized that sometimes before you go and play around you should check out youtube, because a 12-year-old created a video about using imovie and he showed me exactly what to do. If I would have started at that site I would have saved myself sometime. The bonus is that I  learned even more about imovie 09!

PS – I had to work hard today because I’m heading out-of-town next weekend for a girls trip with my sisters and my mom and know that nothing will get accomplished next weekend! I can’t belive that class is almost done! Go Riders!


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Good point…I might try to create a audio visual powerpoint too! Thanks for sharing.

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