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November 30, 2009, 11:53 pm
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O.k I looked at my Wiki today and I have no idea what I was thinking. I’m totally not done, I have to finish up some pages and add some information. I worked on it today to clean things up, but every time I add a picture or draw a line. I go and preview it….it looks different. That drove me crazy for awhile. I figured it out and started to add some pictures. Going to attempt to add my video again. I did take out the page for additional lessons, but thinking I should add that back in. I want to pass it around for others to add different film assignments they have created. Thoughts?


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Amy, I just tried to have a look at your wiki and it gave me a plug in error as soon as I opened the wiki- it froze up my computer and would not let me navigate around the site… so I can’t give any more feedback than that right now other than you might want to look into that! If you want me to look again in a few days, let me know. I know someone else’s eyes is a help – kind of like proofreading!

Comment by Delise Fathers

OK- I just tried it again after reading your comment from earlier today.. and it still totally freezes up for me when I try to open it up on my computer. I have to c-alt-dlte and shut down all things as soon as your page opens. Still getting a plug in error. Maybe it is just me??? Has anyone else tried to open it – does it happen to them?? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but maybe this feedback will be helpful somewhere along the line!

Comment by Delise Fathers

What is the link to your project? Bettina

Comment by Bettina Welsh

LOL! that would be a good thing….

Comment by perrey

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