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Final Blog Post for ECI831
December 3, 2009, 12:46 am
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Final Reflection – a video I created on imovie 09

What I learned:

This blog post is to inform you of what I have learned this year! I made a short digital video that I worked on earlier this week. I learned a lot from adding pictures to music. This short is of only some of the websites, blogs, wiki’s we have learned through the semester. If I had a longer song I’m sure I could add more in!

First I have to say the Google Reader is a life saver! I’m so glad that I was introduced to this, I have saved so many blogs to this and can’t wait to stay in touch. I will continue to play around with Google Reader because right not it is a mess and needs some serious organization. I also have learned more about Twitter, even though I still haven’t spent much time on it, I know it is a great learning and networking too. It is a place to socialize with people with the same interests. Gives us and the students we are teaching the opportunity to help each other learn easily, ask questions, get resources, talk, discuss and learn.

Looking back on my first class and being scared to even write or say anything, not sure of what was going on or what was happening on this so-called back channel. Today I don’t know what I would do without that back channel of discussion and information. I have had a delicious account before and had maybe 4 websites in there, today I have 10 pages and so many useful websites, reading and tools from this class  and watching the back channel. I’m looking forward to another on-line class and I know I will even participate more. YouTube is becoming easier to use. I went to post my final reflection on their and found it really easy and didn’t take any time at all. The first time I was worried about people watching my video and if I was to mess up. But now it is no big deal and I even explored more in YouTube then I did last time.

Open Access and Open publishing: more information that I learned was in Creative Commons and Creative Commons Canada, these are amazing places for students to learn, share and create. I loved learning about mashup and can’t wait to start project with students! I learned a lot about open courseware and looking forward to having more classes with the people I met in this class and finding more people with common interests.

Digital Story telling and the websites that we learned about was my favourite class, especially the Pen Story! I still want to learn how that is done and if anyone knows, lets’ meet up or start a chat on this! Who knew there was so many ideas and websites on this particular topic. Things students can do in so many different subjects. They can create something so easy as remaking the Shinning look like a comedy or what would be great is getting the students to turn New Moon into a horror. We do have to give the students more opportunities for blogging and to blog their experience of all the exciting things they are doing. Students should be blogging about the digital stories they are creating, mashups and videos. I started a blog with my class last year it was fun but now I can see there was much more the students could have done with it. It is not only for their creative writing but for every subject and everything they do.

As you may have notice I really tried to use Pingback to some of the things I talked about in my previous blogs. I can now use terminology that I never knew before. Pingback, Pingback, Pingback….I also created another wordle cause I think that site is so great to capture what is in your head and all the words you want to yell out at once! I can’t forget about Lolcats, and Social Media. There is so much to learn with technology always moving at a fast pace there is even digital age terminology and language, which I’m still learning. There are many different search engines one….you don’t just have to use GOOGLE. But if anything we need to be aware as teacher that students need to learn social media. We need to teach them to make the right judgements, know appropriate sites and what is and what isn’t appropriate, what is safe and to be able to negotiate appropriate learning networks.

Technology is here and everyone is using it, EVEN the Pope. We can learn by reading blogs, following networks, using Twitter, Delicious, website, using Google Reader, YouTube, finding different resources. This will help us continue to learn. The more we learn the more we can share, the more we can teach our students! This class is about sharing….let’s continue!


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What can I say – WOW! Loved the video – very creative, well timed and great music! I had already forgotten some of those sites and seeing them brought back a flood of info and “Oh yeah – I need to visit that again!”

It’s been a pleasure to be in the same class with you Amy! I look forward to sharing with you in the future!


Comment by starkg

I like the wordle and love the video!! Bravo!!! Bettina Welsh

Comment by Bettina Welsh

Thank you Greg and Bettina,
I wanted to play around with the new imovie tools and show something I learned in class.

Comment by perrey

[…] were available for social networking or why people were involved. Using the Tools  I agree with Amy that Google Reader was a lifesaver! I am very greatful for this application as it really helped […]

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