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Final Project
December 7, 2009, 7:56 pm
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Mrs. Perrey’s Film Unit Wiki

Smartboard lesson

What I wanted to do:

I have taught Arts Education for grades 5-8 the past 4 years and every year have done some film work with them. We have so much fun but the students work really hard at using appropriate shots and angles. I find that some teachers want to do a film project but don’t know where to start and end up giving the camera to the students. The students have a blast but the final project ends up looking like a mix of the Blair Witch Project. I want to share with teachers some of the lessons I have done with the students. This class gave me the opportunity to actually put together a unit. I had a unit teaching but it was always thrown together and everything was never all written down properly. I made a wiki to share with others and hopefully other teachers that teach film can add to the wiki. I wanted the wiki to been helpful and easy to use so that any teacher could use it. It isn’t just for film class but to enhance any film project for any subject area. Teachers can use parts of it or use the entire unit. I also created a Smartboard presentation based on the elements of film. It is an interactive activity to get the students participating in the lecture.

What I will continue to do:

I loved making a wiki and want to create another one! I would like to work with teachers to create their own wikis of their inspiration and to share what they are doing in the classroom. This will keep passing on the sharing! I also want to continue to keep in touch and read others blogs when this class is finished. I learned so much and still have so much more learning to do. I have saved a lot of website to my delicious account because I didn’t have time to play with everything this semester but want to do so. I still want to discuss, share and to learn with the community of learners we have created. I will continue to work on this project by creating a Smart Response test for the Smartboard presentation and I would like to add a course to Moodle.

Thank you to everyone! I had a great class and learned so much ( I coun’t keep up). 🙂 Looking forward to more learning  tools!


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Hi Amy!

The site looks great – I couldn’t access the animation links, but that could my system – I thinks it’s time to upgrade my Internet Explorer…

I am using my delicious accout the same way right now – I’ve lost count of the number of bookmarks I keep meaning to get back to…

See you tomorrow!


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