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Moodle Day 1 – PM
May 3, 2011, 4:54 pm
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Moodlemoot – 2011 – May 2nd – Edmonton

Afternoon Session- Social Media Boot camp

Gavin Henrick – Remote Learner


Gmail Account – creating an account.

Blogging – constructing for other people, can be for project updates – students working together, can provide tips, blog post (an idea or short story)

An RSS Feed – it is written so computers can read it, if you use Feed Burner:  – it looks better. You can also add it to your blog.

Micro Blogging is Twitter – short quick updates rather than a long post. It is only a short number of characters (140).  Hash tags are an index field that people use to talk about different items about a particular topic.

Twitter is a back channel, you can comment during a session and they can have a discussion. Throw your message to the twitters and anyone that responds is directly interested in what you are talking about. Millions of people are tweeting during the day.  You can have a PLN – Personal Learning Network, this can help you grow and get answer to your question that you might not know. You are making connections with other. If you post a question on Twitter to your followers, and one of your followers copy the question and post it to their followers you question has now gotten access to others in a short time.  Another word for this is called Gossip J Sharing knowledge with others has become way easier

Tweet Deck: – or can be used on IPad, IPhone, on your desktop, following a lot of information at one time

* If you do a search in Twitter – click on retweet – it comes from you but the person that posted it gets credit. Like sharing a note from someone to others. Retweeting can be used in Education – when researching different things on a project if a students finds something, the teacher can retweet to the rest of the class. Or another classmate can retweet to other classmates.

Moodle Tool Guide –

Saving Bookmarks – if you save the bookmarks to your desktop it is only saved on one location. If you use a Social Bookmarking place Delicious or Diingo

Delicious –

Diingo –

This is a place that you add tags so others can find the websites that you booked marked. Teachers, researchers and students use this site if they are looking for a good site that has been credited by others. It is a digital reading list that you can give to students. For Primary students a good site is this turns twitter and Facebook into a daily newspaper.  You can have the bookmark as a private bookmark or public.

Flickr – there are over 20million photos that you can use in teaching that are copyright free using Creative Commons. It is a license – 1st is that you have to attribute the persons name. When you use the photo you have say where you got the photo and give that person credit. There are commercial and non-commercial uses of licenses. If you are allowed to change the picture of you have to leave the picture just as it was created.

Slideshare –

These are presentations that Henrick has created and shared with others. He does this because he embedded his presentations to a webpage.

YouTube Channel – you can put on social information, you can share it with others.  You can set this as private so that only the people you want to see will have access.


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