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Moodle Day 2 – PM
May 4, 2011, 8:09 pm
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Moodlemoot – 2011 – May 3rd- Edmonton

Afternoon Session Part 1

Developing Media for Different Modes of Delivery – Jamie Lundrigan – video for Portage College 

Media Used in a Moodle Classroom

Instructional Videos –  Camtasia Screen capture software, this is done for instruction video to introduce themselves. Give a face to the students.

Xxtranormal – used in the course content,
Voki – used to create animations in their course
Sitepal – can use picture of yourselves, it will talk and tell students what you want them to hear.

They develop site animations in house to help make their course interesting.
Captivate  – used for quizzes and test
Adobe Presenter
 – similar to PowerPoint for presentations

Equipment Used:
Flip Camera
Snowball Microphone
Sony Camera
Audio Editing – Headphones that cover the entire ear
High dealings of transferring files and editing so different monitors are used.
Green Screen with three lights – used for different areas of the school, online course,
File Size and Bandwidth – they use remote learner,
High End video files have to be 64MB- all videos must be smaller size and have to be edited down. The video files have to no more than three minutes

Video Tips

White Balance – Auto white balance is ok, but if you use a white paper it works better.
Focus – for same position use manual focus and focus on eye, if moving around make sure to use auto focus
Audio – don’t be to close to the microphone it will make popping sounds, speak at normal rate and tone, make sure to talk like you are talking to a peer and not a student
Microphone – use professional microphone
Broadcast Room

–       Paint the wall white make it looks like a never ending space
–       Portage college
–       Moodle


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