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Moodle Day 3 AM – Part 2
May 4, 2011, 8:14 pm
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Moodlemoot Edmonton – May 4th 2011 – AM

Online Retention & Weaver

What Weaver Does?

They do active monitoring and trigger management. They take a look at students, teacher, and institutional reports and do courseware analysis. They took a look and give reports if the course is working, that communication between teacher and students is working. They have a social networking dashboard; they give charts to see who is communicating, who is doing well and who is in the middle. This helps so that the teacher can see who in the class may need help with the course.

  • Detailed Course Dashboard – shows students activity report, what resources they have been accessing, what assignments they have been working on, what is their grade, how many posts
  • They keep all data and look at standard deviation
  • They keep record of all the data and discussion between students, they look at line counts,

–       This is a version of their Moodle

–       They are waiting for 2.1 of Moodle

–       Students and teachers have LIVE Chat, Email and Phone for Support for their Moodle


They trained all faculty through workshops, they also created a course that they worked through. It was a three week course, this helped them to learn about Moodle and Course Building. Essential training for Teachers – Topics follow different lessons for the teachers to work through.



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