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Moodle Day 3PM – Part 1
May 4, 2011, 8:15 pm
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Moodlemoot Edmonton – May 4th 2011 – PM

LearnIT2teach Project

Robert McBride, Jim Edgar, Pat Fahy, John Allan 

This tools is available for plug in at  and for Moodle 2.0 

Moodle Committee Manage Resource (Activity)

  • Add Committee
  • Add the members and information
  • They use this for different committee on campus
  • There is a menu and a description of who is Members, President, Co-President
  • Group Email – automatically creates a group email based on who is members of the group

Creating Committee – Admin Side

  1. You create an event with information for your meeting. Has the date, start time and end time and a d description of what will be going on. It can automatically be emailed and put into your outlook email calendar.
  2. Files – there are public folders and private folders, people within Moodle can see what you are working on with the public folders, but the private folders is what you are not ready to share
  3. Planner Manager – Similar to Doodle. It is color-coded. If you have a few dates in mind you send off this planner manage and it gives you a percentage of how many people can make the meeting, then calculates the members best answer.
  4. Schedule – you can book out the room, they have a database with all the room that are available. If some rooms are reserved rooms, it sends off an email to book the room. You can look up to see if the room is available, check the room you want. It gives you a description of what the room has in it. By clicking on the room and time it will book the room for you and put it in your calendar and in the Moodle Calendar.
  5. Agenda – Everything is done online for appointments and information can you can save it out as a PDF. You put in the information of Name, Duration and brief description of what the agenda will be about. You can put in different topics, when the meeting is done you can put if the topic are still opened, in progress or finished.
  6. Topics List By You – these are what you are going to discuss and vote for in a particular agenda meeting.
  7. Teachers can’t make a committee only administrator can do this.
  8. This could work for schools, keep track of their staff meeting, other teachers and administrators can see their folders, check out what is going on, who is attending meetings. This could work for CEC different committees and information that needs to be passed on to administration.

User Point of View of Committee

  1. Users can send out emails through Moodle, through the committee email.
  2. Users don’t see all the editing options
  3. Agenda shows a clean version of the dates and information of the upcoming meeting and minutes.
  4. If the meeting already took place, the user can see who was absent, who was present, what the meeting notes were, different motions, agenda  topics. The user can’t change anything but can view all the options.

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