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Moodle Moot Day 3 – AM
May 4, 2011, 8:12 pm
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Moodlemoot Edmonton – May 4th 2011 – AM

Using Moodle Migration to Drive Instructional RE-Design

Brad Reamsbottom, Tyler Heaton, Alyssa Di Rocco 

University of Lethbridge – started with 3 classes of blended learning in Moodle and has grown since. Steps they took to get their faculty from blackboard to Moodle. They had to use Migration steps to get all of faculty onboard.

  1. IT and Faculty a group of 5-10 people that were the power uses, had discussions on how would Moodle help make our division better for the students and faculty, what would Moodle do for them and would Moodle help them meet their learning objectives. Everyone needs to see the value of Moodle!
  2. RE-Think your course! Take a look at the course that were designed in Web CT and look at what you want to change, what will this course look like in Moodle. If something didn’t work in Web CT – how will it change in Moodle?
  3. The transition – how do we move everything over? What needs to be moved over, do you need them? Time to RE-Think what is really needed to be moved over. It is a time to redesign.
  4. BATA Testing – students focuses on the calendar. University did a lot of focus groups with faculty and students.
  5. Ticket System for support that is attached to Course Design. If they send an email it will automatically crate a ticket for support. It went to the support team and all of them would work as a team to find solutions and what would work best. They will follow up with the support with face-to-face, emails and phone calls. They also wanted to follow up to see if the solutions were helping them out, if it was helping out their students and if the teacher was considering different options. The support team wanted suggestions and feedback on their service and if it worked.
  6. Moodle Workshop, these were 1 hour  – had workshops for teachers to learn about Moodle, teachers could sign up and RSVP to the workshop, so the support team knew how many people would be coming. This also gave them their user ids, so they could have everything set up and ready to go. When the faculty left they had a playground to work with. They found that the 1 hour workshop was enough time.
  7. Drop in Sessions – they then had sessions where teachers could come in and work, but they didn’t have great success in many faculty members didn’t come to the drop in sessions.
  8. Help Options – on the admin side you can retool the help information and put in your own help information and hyperlinks. ( they have a list of different tutorials in there for teachers. They also created many different video tutorials for teachers and faculty, they were making some many different tutorials.
  9. Campaign for Moodle – they created posters to create awareness that Moodle would be coming.  Sign saying – “Moodle is coming and Blackboard is leaving”.  Created a mascot for Moodle “Steve” – the Moodle Doodle, this has made it fun.
  10. 10.  The Design – you made the changes and start rebuilding. Finding different designs that help the students work better in Moodle, for example don’t let students keep scrolling. Set up your course so it easy for students to use. Show people what things look like and let them decided how to set up the course for themselves, they didn’t tell them what to do in the course. They showed them different examples that worked and let the teachers doing the design work. CRCD – Curriculum Redevelopment Center.

Online tutorials also have student tutorials – these will help the students.


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