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IT Summit 2011
May 10, 2011, 6:20 pm
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Crowdsourcing, Collaboration, and Collaboratition

By Michael Wesch

Kansas State University



Classroom Ideas

1. Website or Youtube of the Week – Discuss, share, post

Youtube – post interview question on youtube and anyone can comment

Wiki – Research and readings

Large Class –

  1. Open Street Map :

– created real street maps for bike routes using Google Maps, or Open Street Maps, then had to have solutions, presentations, (with iphone you can use Mapzen

  1. Experts of the World – Different Groups – experts on different areas of the world – build up knowledge on the Wiki,create a simulation.
  2. Dance – Numa, Numa – group YouTube Dance
  3. Interview – post questions on Youtube and pass the link around, for people to answer the questions
  4. Wiki – Group Research project with class, looking up different areas. Produce a documentary on the information found. Anybody can edit the wiki to help give the right facts. Will be using aloot of tools, used, All RSS feeds would be updated to the students.
  5. During the research student have their own blog for their own space, and the teacher uses Yahoo to filter all the students information. For Bookmarks the students and teachers use diggo: sticky notes and talking about the sites they have found. Students create a trailer – for the project they are going to create – then the class takes all the trailers into one trailer to show how the research is all one project.  Used Google Docs, for stats and information that need to be shared. Students had to create their own research paper, then have their Main Idea – how do they all fit together. Each student then takes one of the points and creates a video, then all the students put their videos together for a collaborative project.
  6. Wiki – Group Readings on one topic sharing the readings they have found
  7. Artwork – bring artwork together, everyone creates on pieces of the puzzle then all the student put it together to make one master piece.
  8. Music – collaboration of one song

10. Video – Starwars



Collaboration Problems:

  1. Inadequate skills
  2. Gaming the system – not doing the job and creating something different

Lessons Learned:

  1. break project up into manageable units
  2. let everybody in on the final vision
  3. need adequate motivation/incentive

Students need to have passion and they need a purpose to do the project.

Where to start –

  1. use Google Docs and Wikis
  2. Post words you want the students to learn – students add to it
  3. Assessment – calibrated Peer Review – students grade essays,

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